The Army of

The Dryads are race of beautiful and intelligent tree sprites preferring seclusion inside deep forest sanctuaries. The Great War has robbed them of their oaken homes and has required them to exchange their ideas of habitat preservation for those of brutal bloodshed. Being shy and nonviolent by nature, the Dryads are continually haunted by visions of war and are often filled with great sorrow and guilt.

Inherent Abilities:
Dryad have enhanced protection from evil attacks.
Dryad have natural mana regeneration.
Dryad have frail skin.

Max Skills:  10               Max Spells:  69
Max Total Stats:  124     Max Casting Level:  29
Max Stat Limits:  
20    Int: 30    Wis: 28    Dex: 25    Con: 21


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